make me choose: anonymous asked: derek hale or peter hale

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Domino’s knows whats up


Domino’s knows whats up


don’t stay up late on sleepovers with me i get really philosophical and gay

"Don’t settle. Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it."

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And don’t be scared to start from the beginning if you have to.

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"So Sebastian, why is the Winter Soldier cooler than the Falcon?"

"And Anthony, why is the Falcon cooler than the Winter Soldier?"

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Derek Hale caring for Others Part 1/?

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catching fire. pink and yellow


spn meme: one hunter.

People can change. There is reason for hope.

Because we’ll need them too.

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A punk stops during a gay pride parade to allow a mesmerized child to touch his jacket spikes.

I lost control about reblogging this picture. 

and this is the perfect “fuck you” to people who stereotype people like this. 

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“If you could pick any other Marvel superhero for the Winter Soldier to fight, who would it be and why?”

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Rubeus Remus Potter. You were named after the only two people at Hogwarts who seemed to give shit about me, because come on who else would I name you after? A verbally abusive dickbag who was in love with my mum and gave me shit all my life and someone who convinced a bunch of children that they needed to be soldiers? What kind of awful aspirations would that make you end up having? Come on son I’m not an idiot…



people who think a zombie apocalypse would be cool


people who think an apocalypse of any kind would be cool